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FAQ - Colours

We sell products from manufacturers with standard colours and we also manufacture items for you with custom colours.

Standard Colours

We supply products in the standard colours provided by manufacturers. We cannot warrant the particular shade as viewed on a computer monitor since we cannot test the calibration of your colour rendering compared with the materials provided to us by the manufacturers. Where we provide a photograph, description or colour swatch then this is our best estimate of the actual colour of the item. Your statutory rights are not affected. 

Fishing Supplies Colours

Fishing supplies are often made from natural materials with significant variability. We cannot gurantee colour accuracy from batch to batch. Where it is vital to you that colours in a delivery are identical, we request that you buy all that you need in one batch in one delivery. Re-supply in subsequent batches may show significant colour variation.

Where we manufacture for you, you can provide ahead of your order a colour swatch to us that we will make reasonable endeavours to match, although this is not always possible with the variability in material composition.

Colour Charts

Veniard Veniard  :  http://www.veniard.com/section191/colour-chart