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Welcome to our "Ultimate" brand stores where we specialise in all of your country supplies for field-sports enthusiasts with cross-over brands for town.

Ultimate Fishing Supplies is a family company founded by Robert and Madeline Hawley and today operated by me, Laurence Hawley. We started out, as the name suggests, providing fishing equipment and supplies as a manufacturer for other brands and selling to all of the big name chain shops. As the internet has developed we have become more of a direct retailer oursleves selling direct to the public our high quality fishing and fly tying supplies and continuing to be the manufacturer of many of the items you find in the big name packets.

We have diversified and introduced additional brands to reflect our move into country supplies such as wellingtons and walking boots, hunting clothing, giftware and collectables.

Clearance Sales

Sometimes we have an excess of stock, or when we are stock taking we find things that are the last of a line or have been left behind and become a bit dusty. We attend a number of game fairs, country fairs, hunting and fishing exhibitions and sometimes boxes can get a bit bumped and bayttered or the public take things out of the boxes and they never seem to pack back in so neatly. Occasionaly we also get returned items, particularly clothing,  that have been tried on or have lost their tags. We sell all of those items as clearance items on eBay often with HUGE discounts: 

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Happy shopping.   

Laurence Hawley
Ultimate Fishing Supplies

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